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As of December 8, 2021 we are 1146 Member-Owners strong! Join us today to reach 1,200 members by the end of the year and you will be entered into our December prize giveaway.

Together, we can build “MORE than just a store.”

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Ownership is a one-time-only cost of $100 per household;
pay in full or through installments.

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Dorchester Food Co-op
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There are many benefits to ownership in the co-op:

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Supporting Local Economy

The co-op will re-circulate money back into our local economy by purchasing from local farmers and producers, supporting locally made products, creating better quality jobs– when you purchase an ownership share, you support these values.

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Bi-Monthly Co-op Newsletter

As a member-owner we will keep you in the know with co-op news, recipes, and more!

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Decision Making Power

Have ownership over a business which focuses on making healthy food accessible and advancing economic opportunity. Vote on major initiatives and co-op board elections.

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Special Discounts

Once the store is open, members will have access to special discounts and bulk ordering. When the store is profitable, members will share in the profits at the end of the year.